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Jacksonville & The North Florida area is a truly beautiful place with our exotic and Native trees. Progreen Tree Service are experts at keeping them looking great, healthy and thriving is our specialty . All Progreen Tree specialists are native Floridians and have a true love for our trees and our environment when you have tree service needs the tress specialist at PROGREEN TREE SERVICE can recommend tree preservation or removal by our professional tree surgeon and climbers. We take great pride in our record for safety, professionalism and thoroughness. We treat every tree project with a level of service customers have come expect from the PROGREEN team from removing a small stump to the pruning and crown reduction of the Florida’s biggest oaks.

Palms, Palms, Palms, Florida has a lot of palms, many are indigenous or native Florida and many are the exotics. We offer Palm trimming, planting and removal. With our Crane Service we can expertly place or remove your palms without damaging your surrounding grounds, gardens or structures. We work with select nurseries and landscape architects to make your palms and tree installations thrive and survive for a beautiful landscape.

Have a question about for experts? We are experts when it come to caring for your trees give us a call at 1-904-923-5496

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  • by James H. | St. Augustine, FL

    I had 2 trees cut down and the stumps removed and also the dead branches off a high Palm Tree removed. Progreen offered what I considered a good price, the work was performed when I needed it, and they did a good job of cleaning up before they left.

  • by Stephanie F. | Atlantic Beach, FL

    Kyle and his team had great communication. They came the same day I contacted them! It was late in the day but they were still courteous and professional. In addition Kyle noticed another palm that will have to come out and he will handle that as well.