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Florida’s Hurricane season, which keeps running from June 1 through November 30, is us. Customarily the primary thing we do before a tempest is stock up on basic supplies. At that point many Florida families ensure our homes and families are secured. However, it’s wise  consider the health & safety  of our magnificent Florida shade and landscape—trees.

On the off chance that a storm is classified as a 4 or 5, the most grounded classifications, there isn’t much we can do to “get ready” trees for the occasion. In the event that a Hurricane that is a class 1-3 or lessened to a tropical system, there are ways that mortgage holders and property administrators can decrease the potential harm to trees.

Pick quality trees, named “Florida Fancy” or “Florida #1.” These trees have a solitary trunk and need minimal extra preparing to frame a basically solid

Pick trees that are suitable for the Large trees require an expansive establishing zone. Tree attaches stretch out three to five times the distance across of the tree’s shade!

Inadequate soil volume expands the danger of trees toppling. On the off chance that the planting zone or yard is little, pick a tree species that normally stays Consider the develop tallness and width of the tree while picking the planting site.

How a tree is pruned is basic to its general wellbeing and life span. Developmental or basic pruning can fortify a tree. It is best performed when the tree is youthful, amid its initial ten years. Are the branches less demanding to reach, as well as the subsequent injuries to the tree will be considerably littler and callus over more quickly.

Tips for good pruning hones when sea tempest preparing:

Never cut a branch flush with the storage compartment, which is otherwise called making a flush cut

Abstain from “liontailing” or “overlifting,” which comprises of expelling side branches from an expansive branch, leaving just those at the removed end, bringing about appendages looking like a lion’s tail.

Never “cap rack” or “best” a tree! It is unlawful and possibly risky

Maintain a strategic distance from root pruning and burrowing around tree roots. This makes the tree more inclined to fall amid a tempest.

When pruning, just utilize expulsion cuts (prune a branch back to the storage compartment or parent branch) or decrease cuts (abbreviates the length of a stem by pruning back to a littler appendage)

Trees can survive over 100 years! They can survive sea tempests and tempests, yet they can’t survive human blunders, for example, unseemly tree determination, poor planting, and inadequate pruning. or just poor ordinarily shape general . Sadly, Duval, St. Johns and  County is topographically to a great degree powerless against this sea tempest movement, giving our County the moniker “Tropical storm Country.” Hurricane season keeps running from June 1 to November 30, cresting strongly in late August through September. Sea tempests are ordered on a size of 1 to 5, in view of wind speed and the potential for harm and death toll.


Progreen Tree Services
  • by James H. | St. Augustine, FL

    I had 2 trees cut down and the stumps removed and also the dead branches off a high Palm Tree removed. Progreen offered what I considered a good price, the work was performed when I needed it, and they did a good job of cleaning up before they left.

  • by Stephanie F. | Atlantic Beach, FL

    Kyle and his team had great communication. They came the same day I contacted them! It was late in the day but they were still courteous and professional. In addition Kyle noticed another palm that will have to come out and he will handle that as well.